Can you beat the aliens in Spaceship Battles? Snap modules together on a grid to build your own custom space craft. Fly in the single player campaign to unlock additional ship modules and waste those aliens. Battle up to 8 friends in local multiplayer over WiFi or Bluetooth.

Build a modular Spaceship

Explore the Single Player Campaign to unlock modules

Battle up to 8 friends in local multiplayer

Free! No in App purchases and No Adverts

Cannons, mines, missiles, spikes, flamethrowers, lasers, thrusters, armor, shields and warp engines can be combined any way you like to build a ship that is small and nimble or large and packed with weapons and armor.

Drag and drop ship modules onto a grid. Tap on a module to rotate it. Modules are connected to other modules when their flat side touch. Fire weapons and thrusters using the action buttons at the bottom of the screen. Drag those buttons to position and combine them. When you ready fly your ship!

Fight multiplayer battles against your friends. Each player needs an iPad or iPhone and you need to be gathered together in the same place. Make sure everyone has bluetooth enabled for the best performance.

Spaceship Battles is available for iPhone and iPad and is free, contains no advertising and no in app purchases.