F.A.Q’s and Help! I’m stuck!

Why is this game free?
Spaceship Battles is free to download, free to play, has no in app purchases and no in app advertising. This is to build an audience, if enough people play and like the game then I’ll make a much bigger and better sequel that will probably cost a few dollars to download.

What are the icons and numbers in the Campaign?
The numbers in the top left corner are Resources… Metal, Polymer and Radioactives.

Where do I get resources from?
You automatically collect them from asteroids and other ships when you blow them up.

How do I get through the warp point in Pegasus System?
The aliens have taken control over that warp point. Only alien ships (wink wink nudge nudge) can access that warp point.

How do I rotate modules?
When you’re building your ship you can tap on modules to rotate them.

Why is multiplayer laggy?
Try turning on bluetooth on everyone’s devices, it makes a huge difference! Also use the fastest iPhone or iPad to host the game.

Is there an Android version of Spaceship Battles?
Not yet!

My question isn’t here… who can I ask for help?
You can email David, who designed and built the game at Try to be nice to him.

I didn’t read the instructions, where can I see them again?
No problem, see below...